David Barrett Guitar Retreat In Mexico

Please click here for information on this incredible event, January 30 to February 6, 2018!

Buddha Travel Signature Retreats Presents:
Expanding your Consciousness Through Musical Creativity “We Came to Play Guitar Retreat” Seven nights in Sotuta de Peon in an amazing new studio with virtuoso guitarist David Barrett.

Buddha Travel believes that the Path to Conscious Living can be achieved in many ways, and we aim to break the traditional concepts for expanding consciousness, through advanced programs such as this.

If you ever watch an artist or musician closely when they are deep into the art, it becomes obvious that the intense focus involved is a meditative state.

An artist’s life is full of highs and lows, and occasionally we feel that we are out of sync with our own Creativity!
Master Guitarist David Barrett puts it this way: “After playing guitar for many years, I found the missing component to my personal development in music (and life) was meditation; it transformed how I composed and performed music on the guitar…”
My goal is to help hobbyists, and professional musicians discover their full potential on guitar, and to develop their own original style by transporting people away from their daily lives, and immersing them in a fun, creative, and transformative environment.
Won’t you come play?