David Barrett

David is a Canadian-made composer and performer, specializing in redefining the boundaries of progressive rock and instrumental soundscapes. He has been featured in international magazines including Guitar Player, Premier Guitar, and Vintage Guitar.

In 2010, David Barrett founded the David Barrett Trio, an instrumental progressive rock power trio. Their self titled debut album was produced by Richard Chycki, Alex Lifeson, and Alan Parsons. DB3 has also collaborated with acclaimed singer/songwriter Jacob Moon, and Celtic guitar virtuoso Tony McManus. Currently they are working on their third album with Michael Sadler (vocals), and Terry Brown (producer).

In addition to DB3, David Barrett regularly releases instrumental guitar albums and produces other guitarists, performs solo acoustic concerts, is a featured guitarist at Classic Albums Live, a show director at School Of Rock, a contributor at Guitar Connoiseur Magazine, and a judge at The Canadian Guitar Festival. Each year DB hosts the annual David Barrett Guitar Summit at Ravenswood, in Bobcaygeon, Ontario.

David is an endorsing artist for innovative companies such as D’Addario/Planet Waves, Pigtronix Futuristic Technology, Dagmar Customs Guitars, and Mack Boutique Guitar Amplifiers, who designed his signature model, the Atomsmasher DB-40.

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