Isolated Guitar, release date September 23, 2017

  • September 11, 2017

Isolated Guitar - David Barrett This is a collection of rock instrumentals recorded at my home studio, featuring electric guitars, tube amplifiers, and an array of analog guitar effects. The songs are recorded in their early stage of development, and feature mostly guitar, with some additional synthesizer, bass, and percussion. In the style of many popular isolated guitar tracks posted online, these recordings feature stripped down guitar performances, before becoming full-blown power trio performances. Released digitally everywhere September 23, 2017 The Enigmatic Instamatic Mirror...


DB3 feat. Michael Sadler @ The Regent Theatre, Oshawa!

  • August 16, 2017

Join David Barrett Trio for an evening new music as well music from the past DB3 recordings. Opening Act : Ayden Jacobs Project Doors 8pm Tickets available at the box office box office or online here...


Rush The Lee Lifeson Artpark

  • July 22, 2017

With the concert done, and the rewards sent out, we're just about wrapped with the GoFundMe project, anyone interested in contributing can still do so, which we'd greatly appreciate, now on to mix Time Stand Still and perform our next gig August 10th! Rush The Lee Lifeson Artpark


Time Stand Still

  • June 21, 2017

David Barrett Trio feat. Michael Sadler-River Of Gold (Official Video)

  • May 12, 2017

David Barrett Trio feat. Michael Sadler River Of Gold

  • May 4, 2017

After two successful studio albums, a live DVD, and their first single release last fall with producer Terry Brown, the reimagined concept of David Barrett Trio feat. Michael Sadler is about to release their latest song “River Of Gold”. The song began as an instrumental composed by Barrett on Spanish 12 string laud, with lyrics added later by Paul Reid/Michael Sadler, and arranged by drummer Dave Langguth and bassist Andy Narsingh, with further arrangement ideas contributed by Brown and Sadler. The composition was many years in the making, and it has now evolved into the progressive rock...


DB3 In Fireworks Magazine UK!

  • March 18, 2017

Terry Brown Master Sessions

  • March 10, 2017

“I Read My Brother’s Book” Master Class Workshop with Terry Brown

  • February 18, 2017

David Barrett new album Turquoise

  • January 27, 2017

Turquoise is something I've always wanted to do. At 37:24, it's a continuous album exploring variations of a main theme, in the style of a motion picture soundtrack, but there's only an imaginary movie here. Hope you like it.