Andy Narsingh

Andy Narsingh: BassMan

String theory tells us that in an infinite universe, all possibilities exist in time and space simultaneously. But what if some of those cosmic storylines were to cross and connect; A fusion of chaos; matter meeting anti-matter in a clash of seemingly contradictory realities. Imagine if that nexus was located in a teenager’s bedroom and manifested itself through posters pulled from Hit Parader and Circus Magazine: Bootsy Collins vs Billy Sheehan; Larry Graham vs Stu Hamm; James Jameson vs Geddy Lee.

It happened. We know this to be true, because it infused Andy Narsingh and you can hear it in every note he projects from the Bass guitar. He bears witness to it and testifies his funk/rock truth nightly, from lighted stages and concert halls.

Form meets Funk. Radical meets Rock. Power Pop meets Prog.

But let’s start at the start, after the sublime fusion of funk, reggae and progressive rock in “The Spirit of Radio” by Rush led Andy to his true calling.

It all began, (and almost ended) with the ill fated ARSIN, who lost a bandmate and brother in a house fire just before their worldwide debut. Andy, devastated and needing to reset, hung up his bass and pursued film studies.

He left the music, but it never left him. After a 7-year hiatus, he returned to his instrument with a new energy and perspective. In 2012 he went into the studio with Loa House to record their “VooDoo Love” album.

Recording, touring, refining, redefining.

Then came another call, but this one was different. They say you should never meet your heroes, but in this case, one couldn’t be more wrong. Andy landed a recording deal with legendary rockers Moxy.

Today, Andy keeps it real by shovelling the funk with the Boogieman and most recently, he has seen all of his influences come together in his most creative phase ever, as a member of the David Barrett Trio, featuring Dave Langguth on drums, and Michael Sadler on vocals. They are currently recording David’s 3rd album with Terry Brown from Rush at the helm.

The timeline bends. The threads intertwine. The story continues…

Andy Narsingh plays and endorses: FBass Custom Handmade Basses, D’Addario, and TC Electronic Bass Systems.