Alexander (Sascha) Tukatsch

Er wird ein Musikus sein!

“He will be a musician”

These are the words my grandfather spoke when I was 3 years old.
Informed by my musical parents, mentored at first by private studies and then through college and university music programs, music has been my lifeblood since my grandfather uttered his opinion in 1966.
Years of musical discovery and growth both in the recording studios and on live stages have led me to the here and now, working in the trio.

The support of many is making this new musical chapter a wonderful and fantastic experience and for that I thank you all.
Wholeheartedly I support and am a fanatic of Drum Workshop Drum Shells, Tama’s Iron Cobra drum pedals and hi hat stands, Roland recording technologies, LT Luglock’s Beat Bug, Boss DB-90 metrognomes, The Adam Loudspeaker Group, Shure In Ears and microphones, and the variety of snare drums,metal, wood I used to make this music.
Without the help of my dear friend Richard Chycki (who gave me the inside scoop for tracking the drums and bass and for going above and beyond during the mixing stage), this musical offering would not have been presented in its present audio hi-fi glory.