David Barrett Trio

“David Barrett is the leader of DB3, an instrumental band. Making a success out of an instrumental group is not easy, but David has a knack of writing very memorable progressive rock tunes. He is also blessed with the ability to deliver these tunes in a unique way using his collection of electric and acoustic instruments. Couple this with an impressive collection of amps & effects David manages to colour and texture his compositions with lasting impact. David is a rare combination of imagination, dedication and raw talent.” – Terry Brown, producer.

David Barrett is a Canadian composer and performer, specializing in redefining the boundaries of instrumental progressive rock. He has been featured in international magazines including Guitar Player, Guitar Connoisseur, Premier Guitar, and Vintage Guitar.

In 2010, David Barrett founded the David Barrett Trio, an instrumental progressive rock power trio. Their self titled debut album was produced by Alex Lifeson (Rush), Alan Parsons (Pink Floyd), and Richard Chycki (Dream Theater). They have recently completed their latest EP featuring renowned vocalist Michael Sadler (Saga), and acclaimed producer Terry Brown (Rush).

David Barrett performs concerts in North America, hosts his annual David Barrett Guitar Summit in Canada, and will be leading a series of Mindfulness Through Music Retreats in Mexico, with Buddha Travel in 2018.

David is an endorsing artist for innovative companies such as Dagmar Customs Guitars, Mack Guitar Amplifiers, Pigtronix Futuristic Audio Technology, and D’Addario Canada.

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